Transit times – Transit time is estimated to be 5-7 business days but as mentioned before it is estimated, so carriers can take sometimes less or more time to deliver the unit. Regardless of the delivery time ITZ IRON DOORS LLLC will not be responsible for costs or damages for delivery delays.

Time Critical – If you need product to be delivered on a specific date we can quote with carriers a time critical delivery so that carriers can guaranty the unit will be delivered within a specific time frame.

Tracking – Pro number will have information available for tracking 12-24 hours after being received.

Packaging – All iron doors are packaged securely in a wooden crate with multiple padding to ensure the protection of your door. The padding will prevent movement and protect against scratches and blemishes. Before signing the shipping company’s bill of lading (BOL), please check whether the crate has been damaged during the shipping process. Damage caused during shipping must be reported immediately and notated on the BOL, as the carrier will be liable for damages. On arrival, note any damages to the packaging (and provide pictures, if possible), as the shipping company cannot stay during the actual unpacking process.

Appointment – You will be contacted before actual delivery in order to set up and confirm delivery date and time. You may also call the carrier directly to coordinate delivery date and time. Please DO NOT arrange anything before you get a confirmation from the carrier on a delivery appointment.

Unloading – Needless to say, the weight of iron doors is quite substantial. As such, the most the shipping company might do is deliver the iron door to the end of your driveway with the use of a lift gate. You must have installers or crew (at least 2-3 people) to assist with unloading the doors at delivery place once delivery time is coordinated with the carrier.

Once you confirm delivery day and time (NOT before) you must have crew ready and be there to sign the BOL sheet. Carrier may charge an extra fee to reschedule delivery if they are arrive and you are not ready to accept delivery and unload. Exclusive Iron Doors will not be responsible for any rescheduling fees, so please make sure to confirm a date and time you and your crew will be available with the carrier.

Unloading BIG units – With long units, including transom, sidelights, or unusually heavy units, the carrier may require you to have a forklift on-site for unloading safely. This is NOT included in the shipping cost so customer, builder or contractor will have to provide this service.

Delivery Instructions

Crate and Install

What’s in your crate? – Delivery package includes the door, door frame with threshold, weather strips, paint touch-up kit, door sweeps and glass, if ordered and specified on Purchase Order (PO).

Iron handle (if ordered and specified on PO or invoice)

Single cylinder deadbolt (if ordered and specified on PO or invoice)

Electronic deadbolt (if ordered and specified on PO or invoice)

We are not responsible for any items lost during the unwrapping process, but we can send additional paint, weather strips or door sweeps at an additional cost.

What’s NOT? – Frame screws are not included since Customer can choose which would work best for each installation, but we do suggest the Timberlock 3-4” with 1/4” thickness.

Install – Installing a pre-hung iron door is not a complex task and we do offer assistance over the phone as well as videos showing how to install, but we do encourage all of our customers to use professional installers since we are not responsible for damages or misuse of the iron door during install.

Construction Process – If the unit is installed while house or building is still in the construction process, we strongly suggest you take measures to protect the unit and all of its parts, mostly the threshold. This is a handcrafted product and damage can occur if mistreated and damage will not be covered by ITZ IRON DOORS LLC.

Claims and reimbursements – Carrier will be responsible for any problems during delivery, therefore Purchaser will have to follow carrier’s guidelines on claims and reimbursements.

ITZ IRON DOORS LLC will not be liable to reimburse any shipping costs. Claims for shipping costs will be reviewed on a case by case basis with each carrier.

In the event of concealed damage, please notify within 5 days of the delivery date and request an inspection. Please be sure to retain all cartons and packaging materials from the damaged shipment.

Carriers make every effort to conclude claims within 30 days of receipt; however, some claims require additional investigation. 

Thank you for choosing